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Good for you. Good for Texas.

Doing what's right for the environment isn't really a new thing in Texas – or anywhere else for that matter. We’re all trying be greener about the way we live and every little bit helps – from using renewable energy sources whenever possible to recycling the stuff we used to throw away.

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When it comes to moving, sometimes those eco-friendly intentions go out the window in favor of just getting the job done. The good news is that they really don’t have to. In fact, when it comes to green moving, it’s becoming easier than ever to protect your belongings as they travel, even while protecting the environment.
Of course, you may be wondering what we could possibly know about green moving. The answer: plenty. As the #1 choice for electricity in Texas, TXU Energy has helped millions of people make the move to (and around) Texas for many years – and we’ve seen the environmental movement grow from a grassroots effort into a full-blown global initiative.

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