Find the Thieves with Detective Energy

Have you heard of energy thieves? They can strike your home in places you may not expect! Detective Energy sets the record straight for one homeowner.

  • Test Your Memory

    Now that you’ve watched Detective Energy in action, you can test your own energy saving skills by taking this fun and easy quiz.

  • Catch the Thieves

    Use our fun and easy Energy Thieves Calculator to fight back, and see if you can catch any of the energy thieves in your home.

  • While You Were Out

    What was going on in your house while you were out? Find out how you can save energy at home — even when you’re not there.

  • TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM

    This easy-to-use tool enables you to see how much electricity your family uses and when they use it most, so you can figure out ways to save energy and money.

Fun Stuff For Kids

From quizzes and puzzles, to experiments and pizza box ovens, this is a fun collection of energy saving projects for the whole family!

Lesson Plans

These hands-on investigations and explorations are designed to introduce primary students to the basic concepts of solar energy.