Get Your Complimentary Electricity Usage Report

TXU Energy is happy to inform you that, using data from the smart meter recently installed at your home, we can now provide you with a personalized Electricity Usage Report.* It's a weekly email that contains easy-to-read charts and graphs that give you insight to your electricity usage plus, control over your electricity bill. Best of all, it's free.

Benefits of the Report

  • Learn how much electricity you use
  • Find out when you use it most
  • See how weather affects your usage

Here are just a few easy steps to start receiving your Electricity Usage Report:

  • Sign into your TXU Energy MyAccount at
  • Click to "Edit Profile & Settings".
  • Under Notification Preferences, click "View/Edit Email Notifications".
  • On the Notifications tab, under Email Subscriptions, select the box next to Weekly Electricity Usage Report and select the ESI-ID.
  • Save the changes.

Sign Up  

Don't have a TXU Energy MyAccount? Click here to register and then follow the steps above to sign up for your Electricity Usage Report.

Q. What exactly is an Electricity Usage Report?

A: The TXU Energy Electricity Usage Report is an email consisting of simple charts and graphs that show how much electricity you used during the previous week. And once you sign up, you'll automatically receive this report by email every week. Once you've signed up for the Electricity Usage Report it may take up to 14 days to start receiving it.

Q. Why is it valuable?

A: Knowledge is power and the more you know about how much electricity you use and how you use it, the more power you have to control your electricity usage, save on your monthly bill, and help the environment. There's no cost for this. But you must enroll in the service to receive your weekly report, so sign up today!

*Only TXU Energy customers who have a smart meter will be able to get the TXU Energy Electricity Usage Report.