Phishing Advisory Alert:
TXU Energy is aware of a recent increase in Internet “phishing”, in which emails are sent to individuals claiming to be from TXU Energy or other entities. These messages often make statements such as:

  • “We are migrating your account to a new email system…”
  • “...please update your account information details at the link below…”

Known as “phishing”, such messages are not from TXU Energy. These scams may expose customers to risk if they follow the instructions contained within them, such as clicking any embedded Web links or even responding to the email itself. 

The TXU Energy Commitment:
TXU Energy is dedicated to protecting your information. While TXU Energy may send messages to customers or former customers for various reasons, TXU Energy will never:

  • Ask for personal information in an email.
  • Request that you update your information through means other than our approved methods (through or one of our Customer Care Representatives). 

Recognizing Fraudulent Communications:
TXU Energy recommends taking the following precautions to protect your information:

  • Ignore emails asking for personal information, including account numbers, passwords or other personal information.
  • Don’t click on any suspicious links contained within these emails.
  • Report suspicious activity promptly.

Reporting Suspicious Activity:
If you are suspicious about an email claiming to be from TXU Energy, please notify us at