A switch-hold may be applied to a premise/address if the current occupant enters into certain payment arrangements with his or her electricity provider. Additionally, the transmission and distribution utility will apply a switch-hold to a premise/address if there is evidence of meter tampering. A switch-hold means that the current occupant will not be able to buy electricity from other electricity providers until the occupant has satisfied the terms of the payment arrangement or, in cases of meter tampering, has paid all applicable charges and back-billing. If you are applying for new service at a premise/address with a switch-hold and you are not associated with the current occupant at that premise/address, you will be required to complete and return to TXU Energy a New Occupant Statement along with one of the following:

   A. Copy of signed lease
   B. Affidavit of landlord
   C. Closing documents
   D. Certificate of occupancy or
   E. Utility bill, in the customer’s name, dated within the last two months from a different premise/address

TXU Energy will forward this information to the transmission and distribution utility and request that they remove the switch-hold so that your Move-In request can be processed.

A copy of the New Occupant Statement may be downloaded here.