In addition to customized products and pricing, TXU Energy offers a list of value-added tools and services, each specifically designed to help you better manage your energy consumption.  

Energy Efficiency
TXU Energy Audit
This complete analysis of your company's energy usage can help you discover areas where you can save energy, save money, and earn rebates. It can also estimate the capital investment required to realize those savings. 

Energy Cost Management
TXU Energy Power Factor Survey
This analysis of your historical electrical usage and power factor will result in a summary of annual power factor adjustment charges imposed by Transmission and Distribution Service Providers, an estimated cost to correct the power factor, and an estimated simple payback.

TXU Energy Predominant Use Sales Tax Study
This is an in-depth audit that can determine if your business qualifies for a sales tax exemption on purchased electricity. During the study, we review your electrical service and, if you qualify, prepare the necessary documentation.

Energy Management
TXU Energy Load Analyzer
This is a powerful and secure user-friendly web system that formulates data from interval data recorder (IDR) meters, and puts this information into a manageable form for extensive tracking and analysis of energy usage. With Load Analyzer, you can save essential time and money that will help you and your organization meet energy cost and savings goals.

TXU Energy Gateway
This is a comprehensive and complimentary web portal that gives you secure-online access to your account billing information 24 hours a day. It is a user friendly way to view your energy consumption and cost, which can help you manage your energy needs.  

Preventative Maintenance
TXU Energy Emergency Restoration
This service provides around-the-clock restoration of power due to any outage resulting from damaged equipment or an electrical fault in customer-owned substation, transmission, and distribution systems.

TXU Energy Infrared Inspection
This is an easy, cost-effective method for customers to improve reliability. It's a predictive maintenance technique that uses an infrared imaging camera to view potentially damaging "hot spots" emitted from an electrical device or customer-owned electrical infrastructure.

TXU Energy Power System Services
These customized testing, inspection, and maintenance programs are designed to keep your equipment operating properly and to identify repairs that enable you to avoid unexpected equipment failures, costly repairs and production loss.  

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