Whether you own rental homes, manage apartment complexes, or have commercial property, let us give you a customized quote for all of your electricity needs. Our pricing is designed to maximize your savings for how and when you use electricity. We can give you a quote for:

  1. House Lights/Common Areas
  2. Vacant Units/Houses
  3. Guard Lights

We also have energy saving products and services that will decrease consumption and lower your bill.

  • Prevent users from adjusting your thermostat by using TXU Energy’s Brighten® iThermostat 
  • Receive cash for energy efficient improvements with Brighten GreenBack
  • Identify ways to lower your consumption with TXU Energy’s Energy Audit
  • Find quick fixes and long-term energy saving solutions for property managers

To enroll, please contact a property management specialist at 1-888-398-8711 or properties@txu.com.