Here's some helpful information about what a power surge is, why surges are such a threat, and what you can do to prevent damage to your valuable home electronic equipment.

What is a power surge?

Surges are sudden rises of voltage in electrical circuits lasting a few microseconds.

What are some common causes of power surges?

Power surges can be caused by animal interference, downed power lines, high winds, nearby lightning strikes, traffic accidents involving utility poles and many other types of disturbances.

Why do I need surge protection?

Surges pose a greater threat to electronic equipment than most homeowners realize. In fact, while large surges cause catastrophic damage, small surges may only appear as a flicker of the lights or nothing at all, but for today's microchip driven electronics, the result can be disastrous.

Why do I need surge protection over my phone and cable/satellite connections?

Surges can enter your home through electrical wires, telephone wires, or cable/satellite lines, but a surge protection device can only provide protection on the line on which it's installed. So, any line or wire entering the home without protection is an open channel for an electrical surge.