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Here at TXU Energy, we understand that Property Managers share energy responsibilities with their residents. You can take the lead by looking for ways to conserve energy on your property, and share tips with your residents on ways to conserve energy and save money in their homes.

First, conduct a complete inspection of the common areas of your property.  Have you checked the accuracy of your thermostats? Do you have your heating and air conditioning unit inspected on a regular basis?

Second, communicate and coordinate with residents. Do they understand the importance of monitoring their thermostats? Can they change the heating and air conditioner filters once a month? Do they use their blinds to keep the sun out and the cool in?

In fact, as you explore these pages, you might find all sorts of insights that you might want to pass on to your residents. Feel free to include the tips in your newsletter, or just share the link with them. For even more helpful advice, we highly recommend that you visit the ENERGY STAR® site at

Whatever you decide to do, get started! You'll be surprised at how much you can save just by making a few changes in how you live and work. Click around on this page and explore the valuable tips and tools we've gathered to help you "do energy right."

Helpful Resources

  • woman typing

    Computer Tip

    When it's time to buy new computers, consider switching to laptop computers. Laptops use up to 90% less energy than a standard computer. 
  • thermostat

    Summer Cooling Tip

    Older thermostats turn the HVAC on and off based on temperature, so it cools your building all night. Programmable thermostats can turn on the HVAC one hour before you arrive in the morning, which helps reduce your energy usage.