property management

We can't promise we'll find tenants for your property, but we can promise to make managing your property a little easier.



At your service

You'll have a team of specially trained apartment service staff to help you select the right plan for your property.

Ready to show

With a continuous service agreement the power is always on, which gives you the ability to make the residence ready to show – even between tenants. The electricity service is transferred to your property's name automatically when a tenant moves out. And, you don’t have to make phone calls or fill out paperwork each time a tenant moves.

Cash for referrals

When you become a TXU Energy Partner you can offer a welcome bonus for your tenants and earn up to $100 for each referral for you. (Contract Terms and Conditions apply.)
Customer Service

Account management made easy

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place? Anytime you want it? With TXU Energy MyAccount you have the ability to turn on/off vacant units with just one click, receive proactive emails to let you know when a new unit turns on, view all of your active and inactive units in real time. That’s not all; you can also access customized usage and billing reports too.


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Earn up to $100 for each referral by becoming a TXU Energy Partner.* Learn More

*Contract terms and conditions apply.