Earn money for making environmentally responsible changes.

The energy your business uses can have a powerful effect on your bottom line. But when you partner with TXU Energy and make some simple energy-efficiency changes, you can make a positive impact on the environment, use less energy and save money.

TXU GreenBackSM gives your business incentives for making a positive impact on the environment. You can take advantage of TXU GreenBackSM in the following ways:

Energy-Efficiency Incentives

With TXU GreenBackSM funds, you can invest in and modify your facilities when you sign up on or renew a 12-month minimum term commodity contract. If you're not sure how to identify your most valuable project, we can help. TXU GreenBackSM funds are above and beyond what you could receive from your local transmission and distribution utility. Best of all, you can make modifications that save energy and money now and in the future. To do so:

  • Sign up or renew on a 12-month minimum electricity contract with TXU Energy.
  • Install your choice of energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • Submit the application, schedule a post-retrofit inspection (if needed) and get a rebate check mailed directly to you.

TXU Energy EV Accelerator Program

With TXU GreenBackSM funds, you can easily integrate electric vehicles (EVs) and infrastructure into your company portfolio. To do so:

  • Purchase or install qualifying EVs and infrastructure.
  • Submit the application and get a rebate check mailed directly to you.


TXU Energy can provide you with benefits beyond the bottom line.

Eligible list of energy-efficiency incentive activities

The table below lists representative retrofits. TXU Energy can customize the rebate to meet a customer's needs.



Rebate Code

Rebate Amount

Screw-in Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  Standard type or reflector type


$3.00 per lamp

Retrofit - 4 4'T12 to 2 4'T8 w/reflector


$40 per fixture

Retrofit - 3  4'T12 to 2 4'T8


$35 per fixture

Retrofit - 2 8'T12 to 2 8'T8


$30 per fixture

Retrofit - 2 4'T12 to 2 4'T8


$25 per fixture

Retrofit - 1 4'T12 to 1 4'T8


$20 per fixture

Retrofit - 2U T12 to 2 2'T8 or 3 2'T8


$40 per fixture

Replacement HID to High Bay Fluorescent


$150 per fixture

LED Exit Signs


$25 per fixture

Occupancy Sensors
  Wall or ceiling mounted


$20 per sensor



Rebate Code

         Rebate Amount

HVAC Replacement (>14 SEER)



Programmable Thermostat


$50 per thermostat



Rebate Code

         Rebate Amount

Vending Miser


$50 per device

Cooler Miser


$50 per device

Snack Miser


$20 per device

Electric Tankless Water Heater


$200 per device

Total eligible rebate amount dependent upon total contracted MWh and term of contract.*

Other Eligible Retrofits May Include:
  • Chiller replacement
  • Rooftop HVAC replacement
  • Energy Management Systems / Building Automation Systems
  • LED lighting
  • Other fluorescent lighting retrofit configurations
  • Compressed air system upgrades
  • ENERGY STAR® rated roofs
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Solar Installations


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*Offer subject to eligibility, limited availability and maximum per business rebate/dollar subsidy amounts, based on contracted MWh. TXU GreenBackSM and TXU Energy Accelerator programs, rebate-eligible items, rebate amounts and EV subsidies subject to change. Additional terms and conditions apply. See application for details.