Halloween is about Treats, Not Tricks, with TXU Energy

Company Cautions Texans to Beware of Variable Rate Electricity Plans that can Creep Up on You


Scary can be fun in October, but not if it’s how you feel about your electricity bill. As people across Texas get ready to bob for apples, give away candy, and dress up in costumes, TXU Energy is cautioning them to watch out for the tricky nature of some variable rate electricity plans. The company notes that a number of these plans may be masking higher costs with low introductory rates that don’t last more than a month or two.  The company also suggests a few more stable alternatives that treat customers to free airline miles, cash and more.

Enjoy Treats with Your Electricity Purchases
In most regions of Texas, consumers have as many choices for electricity plans as they do types of Halloween candy this season. Unlike the hair-raising surprises that can lurk behind variable rate electricity plans, some retail electricity providers, including TXU Energy, offer plans that give you real treats along with your electricity usage. Namely, free airline points, cash back, and free conveniences that make it easy to take care of your electricity account. For example:

  • TXU Energy recently launched three new electricity plans that allow customers to save on electricity and earn Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Points towards free flights: Customers who choose the TXU Energy LUV 2 Fly plans can earn up to 30,000 Rapid Rewards Points to use towards free flights to any of the 70+ destinations Southwest Airlines serves. Participating customers also get guaranteed price protection against rising power costs, and a simple, fixed rate from TXU Energy.
  • Customers on TXU Energy Texas Choice plans get three percent cash back in the form of a Visa® prepaid card that they can spend or donate as they choose. These plans also include either 25 or 100 percent renewable energy and price protection for up to two years. In early 2011, the company distributed more than $30 million via Visa® prepaid cards to customers enrolled in plans eligible for cash back. Participating customers can spend their reward dollars as they choose; cash back rewards for 2011 electricity usage will be distributed in early 2012.
  • Texas consumers are sure to notice that different electricity providers offer different levels of support to make it easy to do business with them. Some also provide value-added services for free. For example, TXU Energy offers 24/7  live customer consultants;  click-to-chat support; an iPhone® app and mobile website to connect you with your account, pay your bill, and help you control your consumption. The company also offers customers bill management options like average monthly billing, AutoPay, and paperless billing; and Spanish-language support. These services are all free to TXU Energy customers.

Watch Out for Tricks with Variable Rate Electricity Plans
Halloween tricks definitely involve the element of surprise. According to TXU Energy, that’s something that some variable rate electricity plans in Texas have in common with the season because the rates they charge customers can jump up out of nowhere. And, a recent survey shows that consumers are broadly unaware that these kinds of increases can happen with no advance notice.

TXU Energy does not offer variable rate electricity plans and has seen some of these types of plans increase in price by more than 100 percent in recent months. The company also cautions Texans to pay attention when their contract terms end with their providers because some retailers move customers to variable rate electricity plans once their terms expire.

About TXU Energy
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