Texas Guide to Summer

Helping your business save electricity.

It’s another hot summer, and keeping everyone comfortable while conserving energy can be tough. For a little relief, give these tips and tools a try.



Stay cool and save.

Summertime means A/Cs are running nonstop, and that can really drive up electricity use. If your business is usually closed at night, raise your thermostat a few degrees at closing time. You can find smart thermostats that do it automatically at energystar.gov.

Did you know?

If you’ve had to limit hours or people at work, your energy use may drop. But using a lot of power over short periods can still make delivery charges from your Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) spike. No matter which electricity provider you’re with, TDUs charge businesses for the highest amount of electricity they may need during any 15-minute period. You’ll see the charges in the Total Distribution Charges section of your bill. Staggering the times you start high-energy equipment may help lower it. Learn more here.

Power lines

MyEnergy Dashboard

Create an online account.

No matter what hours you’re keeping, MyAccount gives you 24/7 access to your account. You can see how much electricity you’re using and how much the Texas heat affects it without having to wait for your bill.

Stay on budget.

Setting alerts now can help you save more later. Helpful email or text alerts let you know whenever your business is using more energy than usual so you have time to adjust. Set your alert in MyAccount Communication Preferences.

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Here for you.

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Back to business.

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