Winter Tips

Winter is here.

Texas temps have dropped which can mean rising electricity use. Try a few of these simple tips around your home to stay warm, comfy and cozy all winter long. Want more? Savings is a snap with these year-round tips.

Temp down, savings up.

If you have electric heat, set your thermostat four degrees lower than normal when it's cold to use up to 15% less electricity.*

Cozy up to a comfy sleep.

You don’t have to overwork your heater to stay toasty. Simply close your curtains to keep 15% more warm air inside and give your heater a break.

Swap it out, then save.

Regularly clean or replace the filter in your heating system and save up to 15% on annual energy costs.

Do laundry for less.

Wash clothes with cold water to save up to 11% on water heating costs. Clean your dryer’s lint filter increase its energy efficiency by up to 30%.

Let it flow!

Set your water heater to 120° to use less energy.

Enjoy more warmth for less.

An electric blanket keeps you nice and snug and for only 4¢ a night.

Flip that fan.

Make your ceiling fan run clockwise to push warm air down into the room.

Keep cold out, savings in.

Save up to 20% on your heating bill by sealing leaks around outer walls, windows and doors.

Figures represent national averages. See for more info.