Small changes can help you save.

Whether it’s working from home, taking care of kids or cooking more, our daily habits are different these days. And that means our homes are using more energy than usual. 

Luckily, these tips and tools can help you save and keep comfortable while you’re staying safe at home.  


Window graphic

While the weather’s mild, try leaving your A/C off if possible.

Let cool air in by opening your windows in the mornings and evenings.

Ceiling fans will also cool a room by about 4°.



thermostat graphic

On hot days, your A/C drives most of your energy use, so your thermostat setting is important.

Raising it by 4° can reduce your use by as much as 20%.

Remember to change your air filter to help your A/C cool efficiently.



power strip graphic

Staying connected means lights, TVs and electronics are draining more energy.

You can use power strips to shut off electronics when they’re not in use.

Go for LED bulbs if you can, or leave the lights off.



graphic of grill

Cooking doesn’t require a lot of energy, but it can make your home warmer than you’d like.

Turn off your oven a few minutes before it’s time – food will stay hot!

If you have a grill, use it for easier cleanup and to give your stove a break.



energy dashboard graphic

MyEnergy Dashboard

We’re all in this together, but we don’t all use energy the same. Set up your home profile to get a personalized look at where your energy’s going and how it stacks up to your neighbors’.



 phone alert graphic  

Budget Alerts

If you want help staying ahead of monthly costs, we can text or email you before you go over the amount you set.

Stats from and TXU Energy customer data