Looking to save a little without doing a lot? Here are some super simple ways you can make your place more energy efficient. Reducing your usage can drop what you spend on electricity by as much as 30% per year!

Set it and save.

When it’s hot, set your thermostat at 78° to spend 6-18% less on cooling than if you kept it at 72°. When temps dip, save 5% on heating costs for every degree you lower your heat in the 60-70° range.

Do less laundry.

Wash your clothes in cold water to save on heating costs. Clean your dryer’s lint filter after every cycle to increase its energy efficiency by up to 30%.

Switch them out and save.

Replace old light bulbs with LEDs. They may cost a little more, but they radiate 75% less heat and last up to five times as long.

Swap it out and save.

Regularly clean or replace your air filters and save up to 15% on your annual energy costs. Set a reminder to help keep you on track.

Flip it right.

Make sure your ceiling fans are set right. Clockwise in the winter to draw cool air up and counterclockwise in the summer to push it down. Turn fans off when you leave the room.

Scrub faster.

Take shorter showers to reduce the amount of energy your water heater uses. And be sure to use the bathroom fan to get rid of heat and humidity afterward.

Turn your blinds for savings.

In the summer, close your blinds or turn them up to reduce incoming heat by up to 33%. When it's cold, open your blinds during the day and let the sun warm your apartment.

Put a lid on it.

Lids trap heat. Always use them on pots and pans to cut down on cooking time.

Figures represent national averages. See energy.gov for more info.

*Based on TXU Energy current customer data.