What are Clean Energy Credits?
They’re credits applied to your bill for the surplus energy your home produces. When you produce more than you use during the billing period, credits will be applied to your bill. 

Will I get a 1099 Tax Form for the Clean Energy Credits you’ve paid me?
If you earned $600 or more during the calendar year, we’ll send you a 1099 form. 

Can I sign up on any TXU Energy plan and earn Clean Energy Credits?
No. You’ll need to be on a TXU Energy Renewable Buyback plan.

Why did I stop receiving Clean Energy Credits?
If you’re not on a TXU Energy Renewable Buyback plan, you’ll need to switch to one to earn credits. There’s no fee to switch, and you’ll get better rates for the extra energy your home produces – in some cases, up to 40% higher.

How do I sign up to receive Clean Energy Credits from TXU Energy? 
Sign up on TXU Energy Renewable BuybackSM, and sign the Interconnection Agreement with your local Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU). Once your TDU confirms your system’s ready, you can earn Clean Energy Credits beginning with your next bill.

What is an Interconnection Agreement? How do I get one?
It’s a document created by your Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) that informs them you’re installing or have solar panels or wind turbines at your home and want to connect to the electricity grid. Your TDU will inspect your system and provision your smart meter to track the surplus. 

Not sure who your TDU is? Find it here.

Here are the Interconnection Agreement forms:

What happens after I've enrolled on TXU Energy Renewable Buyback and signed an Interconnection Agreement with my TDU?
Once your TDU lets us know you’re good to go, you’ll be eligible to earn a monthly bill credit (labeled on your bill as “Clean Energy Credit”) with your next billing cycle. Note that, due to bill cycle timing, it can take up to 45 days from completing program requirements before you receive a bill that includes credits. 

How do you determine how much surplus electricity my system’s generated?
Your electricity meter tracks both inflow and outflow electricity. When your solar or wind system generates electricity you don’t use, it’s sent back to the grid as outflow electricity. You’ll see these on your monthly bill either as an “Energy Charge” (inflow) or “Clean Energy Credit” (outflow).

How much will TXU Energy pay for the surplus electricity I generate?
Check your TXU Energy Renewable Buyback Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for specific pricing. 

I didn’t get any credits last month. What happened?
It can take up to 45 days from completing program requirements before your bill shows your credits. It’s also possible that your system didn’t generate surplus electricity.  

Is there a limit on how many credits I can receive? Do you cap the credits?
There’s no cap on the credits a customer can earn; however, with each January bill date, you can’t sell back more energy than you purchase over the last nine bills. If that happens, you will not qualify for credits for the next year.

What systems are eligible for Clean Energy Credits?
Residential customers with renewable generation systems like solar panels or wind turbines installed on their property to power their homes. Gas-powered generators are not eligible since they’re not renewable energy sources.

Does my new electricity meter measure all power generated by my solar panel?
No, these meters only measure the electricity you consume from the grid and the surplus electricity flowing back onto the grid. If a monitoring system was installed with your solar panels, which is separate from your electricity meter, the monitoring system is what tracks all power produced by your solar panels.