Take care of the important things first.
You’re a Texan now, which means you’ll need a new driver’s license. Visit the DPS site to get started. You also need to register your vehicle, but don’t worry – you have 30 days. Just visit your local mechanic or inspection station and have your insurance and new driver’s license ready. And last but definitely not least, register to vote. Registering is easy; just fill out an application and send it in!

The weather is wilder than the rodeo.
It's not unusual to see two seasons’ worth of weather in one day. That means your A/C could run most of the year and work overtime, especially in the summer when hot temps cause higher bills. But don’t worry — we have tips to help you save in every season.

There's endless discovery.
Visit coastlines, canyons, forests and mountains — all within state lines. Learn all the ways you can explore Texas, both indoors and outdoors.

There’s lots to love about Texas.
We hope you agree. From delicious Tex-Mex and BBQ to having a language that’s all our own, we think you’ll love living in the Lone Star State. Check out a few fun facts about life in Texas.