MyEnergy Dashboard

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These easy-to-use graphs and tools can show you how and when you use energy, so you can make simple lifestyle changes that can help lower your costs.

  • Review

    This helpful graph gives you information about your energy usage, and enables you to compare various elements by year, month, week or day.

  • Forecast

    If you have a smart meter, this quick snapshot enables you to see how much electricity you’ve used and , the estimated cost of your upcoming bill.

  • Compare

    This interactive module allows you to compare elements of any two of your electricity bills within the last 24 months.

  • Analyze

    This highly informative graph enables you to see what areas of your home are using the most energy and how your usage compares to other homes.

Analog vs. Smart Meter

The old analog reader just can’t compare with the new smart meter, which gives you accurate, near-real-time information about the energy you’re using.

All About Smart Meters

MyEnergy DashboardSM FAQs

If you have any questions about the many useful features of the MyEnergy Dashboard, you can find most of the answers right here.

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