TXU Energy Walks the Energy-Efficiency Walk

Company illustrates that simple steps can save electricity, money and help ensure an adequate electricity supply for all Texans


TXU Energy doesn’t just promote energy efficiency and conservation for its business and residential customers. The company incorporates good energy habits in its daily business practices and takes extra steps when Texans’ demand for electricity is at its highest peaks.

In addition to retrofitting and upgrading key systems before moving into its Irving headquarters five years ago, TXU Energy:

  • Minimizes e-waste through careful planning and cooperation with vendors.

  • Takes advantage of natural lighting and high-efficiency lighting systems.

  • Controls its entire lighting system with occupancy sensors.

  • Offsets its own carbon footprint by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits – backed by Texas wind – for the electricity used at its headquarters.

  • Generates some of its own electricity with a solar panel.

  • Invests in electric vehicles, including EV charging infrastructure, and rewards employees who use mass transit, carpool or invest in electric and hybrid vehicles.

  • Conducts annual tree plantings in Dallas and around the state in cooperation with the Texas Trees Foundation and the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm.

  • Routinely maintains systems that consume electricity, including HVAC systems and elevators.

  • Provides recycling services for employees and guests.

  • Uses post-consumer recycled products for food and beverage services.

“We provide a range of solutions that help our residential and business customers easily monitor and manage their electricity consumption,” said Scott Harrison, director of engineering and innovation for TXU Energy. “We believe one of the best things we can do is show those solutions in action and illustrate that good energy habits don’t necessarily require large investments or significant sacrifice.”

During peak electricity demand periods, TXU Energy takes extra steps to reduce its electricity consumption by turning off primary lights, lowering window shades to reduce heat exchange and raising thermostat settings by a few degrees at the TXU Energy headquarters, which has ENERGY STAR® and LEED® certifications.

“Our efforts to be efficient and to conserve help ensure an adequate supply of affordable electricity for our customers and fellow Texans,” Harrison said.

“Like our customers, we’re happy to do our part, and we know that we’re helping to make a difference.”


About TXU Energy
TXU Energy is a market-leading competitive retail electricity provider, powering the lives of more Texans than any other retailer. TXU Energy offers a variety of innovative products and solutions, allowing both its residential and business customers to choose options that best meet their needs, including exceptional customer service, competitively priced electricity service plans, innovative energy efficiency options, renewable energy programs and other electricity-related products and services. Visit txu.com for more information about TXU Energy. REP #10004.