TXU Energy FreePower Gives Texans Instant Bill Relief When Their Electricity Usage Spikes

Leading electricity provider continues to promote energy savings, offers new plans to help ease the cost of increased electricity use


The state’s leading electricity provider today launched TXU Energy FreePower, giving customers a break when their monthly electricity usage spikes.

Texans who choose TXU Energy FreePower 400SM can get up to $50 in free electricity in any month that they use more than 800 kWh. When a customer uses more than 800 kWh, up to the next 400 kWh would be free.

Texans who live in apartments or other multifamily housing typically use less electricity, so we have a free electricity plan that meets their needs, too. With TXU Energy FreePower 200SM, those customers can get up to $25 in free electricity in any month they use more than 500 kWh. That’s as much as the next 200 kWh free.

Customers who choose a TXU Energy FreePower plan will see a bill credit for the electricity and Transmission and Distribution Utility usage charges for those free kWh. Remaining usage and other billed charges will apply normally.

TXU Energy FreePower plans come with guaranteed price protection, so customers have peace of mind that their rate won’t increase as long as they’re on the plan. Only a change in law or regulatory charges could increase it.

“Whether it’s hot or cold outside, many things can cause your usage to spike. With our TXU Energy FreePower plans, homeowners and renters are protected from the unknown and the bill shock that can occur,” said Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer for TXU Energy.

TXU Energy customers can monitor their electricity usage online through the free TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM. They also can get weekly Electricity Usage Reports and set up budget alerts to be notified when their electricity consumption could lead to a monthly bill that’s higher than a threshold that they set. The alerts arrive before the end of a billing cycle so they have the chance to adjust their electricity use and stay within their preferred spending threshold.

The free Brighten® Personal Energy Advisor, which is available to anyone with an Internet connection, provides customized ideas for preventing wasted electricity consumption.

“TXU Energy is committed to helping Texans control their electricity usage,” Grasso said. “At the same time, we’re providing innovative service plans that give customers the choices they want with price protection they can count on.”

About TXU Energy
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