Business Owners Can Save Money with the TXU Energy iThermostat

Only Electricity Provider in Texas with Technology to Reduce Consumption Via the Internet


Only electricity provider in Texas with technology to reduce consumption via the Internet
Texas business owners can save 10 to 30 percent off of their electric bill thanks to new technology that lets them control their building's temperature remotely through the Internet.

The TXU Energy iThermostatTM also allows business owners to see, through the Internet, how their building HVAC (AC system) is operating and adjust their HVAC settings which will reduce their consumption and save on energy costs. 

TXU Energy is the only retail electric provider in Texas providing this sort of technology to commercial businesses.  Average size businesses using 76 MWh annually that upgrade to the TXU Energy iThermostat can save an estimated $12,000 dollars over the 15-year life of the product.

A Texas business HVAC unit typically represents more than half of its total electricity consumption.  Having greater control over the heating and cooling system by using a programmable thermostat, like the TXU Energy iThermostat, can greatly reduce electricity costs.

The TXU Energy iThermostat is a fully Web-enabled programmable thermostat that lets businesses monitor and manage their building's temperature from any Internet device.

The TXU Energy iThermostat also allows businesses to:

  • Adjust thermostat programming for any day of the week, with up to four programmable periods a day from any broadband Internet connection anywhere in the world,  
  • Track and monitor daily heating and cooling costs, and
  • Get alerts when the filter needs to be changed based on actual compressor runtime.

"Our focus is to help our business customers better manage their energy costs," said Tom Leverton, chief operating officer, TXU Energy.  "We know that business owners are keeping a watchful eye on expenses.  Thanks to this technology, business owners can now see in near real-time how they're using their energy so that they can adjust their behavior accordingly and improve their bottom line."

Already, franchisees and institutions like Genghis Grill, Papa John's and student housing for the University of Texas, Dallas (UTD) have begun using the TXU Energy iThermostat.

The new programmable TXU Energy iThermostat comes with a broadband gateway device that communicates with all thermostats in the facility.  For more information, visit