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We work under the assumption that the cheapest kWh of electricity is the one that goes unused. And that's whyTXU Energy is the only Texas electric service provider that offers rebate dollars for energy efficiency. We also continue to offer tailored plans and numerous value-added electric services to help your business get the most out of every energy dollar.

Commitment to Customers and Community

Your dedicated TXU Energy account team is staffed with accountable, accessible professionals that know your business, your energy needs and your risk considerations. And when we're not busy seeing to your energy needs, we spend our time and millions of dollars giving back to the Texas communities in which we live and work through a number of environmental and community support initiatives.

Customized Texas Electric Services

We'll tailor our electric services and plans to your business needs. We can meet contract preferences based on energy generated from renewable resources, billing date, or length of contract. We offer plans that help reduce your electric costs, lower your environmental impact and protect your business from electricity price fluctuations.

Industry Expertise

TXU Energy has been here for you since the deregulation of the retail electric market in 2001, but the companies making up Energy Future Holdings Corp. have an even richer heritage of providing Texas electric service to businesses. Building on a rich history and a solid reputation for service and dependability, we're confident of our continued success and ability to meet your business's expectations and electric needs.

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Key Facts

  • We're the energy experts that help you do business easier.
  • We treat our customers like family.
  • We're your conservation partner.
  • We offer energy efficient programs and services that can save your business money.

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