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Our electricity rate structures were designed to fit individual businesses' risk and reward profile. Availability of each product below varies based on the needs of each business. Our Sales Executives can help you compare electricity prices and options so you can develop a customized solution to meet the needs of your company.

Fixed Rate Pricing
This business electricity rate structure establishes one flat rate for energy within a bandwidth that will not change regardless of season, peak usage, or market movement. Your monthly energy charge is simply determined by multiplying your electricity contract rates by your monthly usage.

Market Participation
Diversify your portfolio through a combination of a guaranteed fixed price position for a specified amount and spot (real-time) market electricity pricing for the remaining usage. With this business electricity price structure, you will have the ability to customize your electricity purchases and percentage of participation in the real-time spot market (MCPE).

Market Clearing Price for Energy (MCPE)
Take advantage of price movements in the wholesale energy market. With this business electricity rate structure, you may be able to save even more if you can reduce your company's electric load when electricity prices peak, or ramp up operations when electricity prices fall.

Heat-Rate Pricing
Take control of your commercial electric costs by tracking the energy markets. Because monthly electricity prices are tied to the NYMEX natural gas market, you have an electricity rate advantage when gas prices are lower. And when gas prices begin to rise, you can lock into fixed electricity rates at any time.

Extendable Pricing
Choose this business electricity price structure if you want the benefits of savings on your electric bill, but also like the security of paying a fixed price for electricity. With this business electricity price structure, you'll receive a discounted electricity price for the primary term, and in exchange for a deeper discount on your price now, you give TXU Energy the option to extend your electricity contract into a second term at the same price.

In addition to the above electricity price structures, you can also choose to
go eco-friendly with Green-e Renewable Energy.

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