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Great relationships are built from the ground up. We're here to help with the unique needs of your construction business.



At your service

Specialized construction services. Specially trained agents are available to help you select the right plan for your construction business. We'll also solve issues directly with the TDU (Oncor, CenterPoint, TNMP, AEP) so you don't have to!
Customer Service

Account management made easy

Control and track all of your temporary meters, and inventory of homes, 24/7 online. You'll have the ability to turn off meters with just one click, check the status of service requests, and view customized usage and billing reports all in one place.

Cash for referrals

When you become a TXU Energy Partner you can minimize the time electricity stays in your name after closing, offer a welcome bonus for your home buyers and earn up to $150 for each referral. (Contract Terms and Conditions apply.)

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