When we say we’ll help you use less and save, how do you know we mean it? We also pay you for it. Check out our incentive programs for making smart energy decisions for today and tomorrow.

TXU GreenBack
Get rebates for making energy-efficiency improvements to your facilities that yield long-term savings. TXU GreenBackSM dollars can help you fund a new project or help pay for existing projects, like changing to LED lighting.*

"As THE destination for both sports and entertainment in the DFW Metroplex, the TXU GreenBack program has allowed us to save substantially on our energy cost, while maintaining the quality experience that our guests have come to expect.”
– American Airlines Center

TXU Reduction Rewards
When we identify times that the market could benefit from lower demand, you can get paid for voluntarily reducing your use during that period. Only opt in if the time and payout are right - it’s completely up to you.

"Our district earned $6,000 for only three hours of curtailment through the Reduction Rewards program. And, trimming our usage was easily achieved by reducing lighting in non-critical areas and raising HVAC set points to reduce the air conditioning load.”
– Large Houston-area ISD

Emergency Response Service
Earn extra money and get an expert energy analysis of your business’ unique operation. Administered by ERCOT, this program comes with a contract period that pays you for reducing load during rare emergency events – whether or not these events happen

Interested? Reach out to a business specialist at 800-368-1728.

* Terms, conditions and eligibility requirements apply.