TXU Energy Teaches New Homeowners, Recent Graduates How to Buy Electricity in Texas


The average Texas household spends almost $2,000 a year on electricity, among the highest averages in the country. That’s why TXU Energy is giving people who are moving into the state – and young Texans who are moving out on their own for the first time – valuable tips on how to select the right provider and services to meet their needs and budgets.

“Between extreme temperatures and humidity, large houses and large air conditioning units, Texans use a lot of electricity,” said Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer for TXU Energy. “And while moving is exciting, it’s easy to make a rushed decision about electricity service that can add to the cost.”

The competitive retail electricity market in Texas allows consumers to choose from more than 50 providers and as many as 250 electricity service plans. They can also choose additional services to protect home appliances, electronics and mechanical systems and to help monitor and manage electricity consumption. In particular, plans that offer cash back and automatic discounts based on usage are popular options.

TXU Energy encourages first-time electricity buyers to:

  • Think about when they are most likely to use electricity. Some providers offer free and discounted electricity when consumers use it most.
  • Guard against hidden fees.
  • Investigate the retail electricity provider they’re considering.
  • Ask for free resources to help them manage their electricity use and spending.
  • Seek added services, such as home warranty protection and help connecting other home needs.

“Consumers who use more than advertised prices to guide their decisions are often better served because those low advertised rates don’t always tell the full story,” Grasso said. “It’s important for first-time buyers to understand that there are distinct monthly charges from their Retail Electricity Provider and from their Transmission and Distribution Utility. It’s also important to understand that retailers can add discretionary fees and, in some cases, can change the advertised Energy Charges at any time.”

TXU Energy offers upfront and straightforward prices, as well as a satisfaction guarantee. The company doesn’t sell variable rate plans, which allow retailers to change the energy rate even after the electricity is consumed. It does provide a range of home services to make moving easier and to power and protect its customers’ homes.

“TXU Energy serves the retail electricity needs of more Texans than any other provider because we offer the widest range of innovative electricity plans, the best customer service and additional home services that lead the market,” Grasso said.


About TXU Energy
TXU Energy is a market-leading competitive retail electricity provider, powering the lives of more Texans than any other retailer. TXU Energy offers a variety of innovative products and solutions, allowing both its residential and business customers to choose options that best meet their needs, including exceptional customer service, competitively priced electricity service plans, innovative energy efficiency options, renewable energy programs and other electricity-related products and services. Visit txu.com for more information about TXU Energy. REP #10004.