Call Nets $1 Million in Aid for TXU Energy Customers in Round Rock Area

Round Rock Area Serving Center, TXU Energy Honor Former RRASC Board Treasurer


A simple question posed 27 years ago has put more than $1 million to work helping Round Rock area families pay their electricity bills. The question: How are dollars donated through electricity bills distributed?

John Guiling, the board treasurer of what was then the newly founded Round Rock Area Serving Center, asked the company that question in 1987. The answer he got helped launch a relationship that has led to $1.042 million in bill-payment assistance for Serving Center clients.

The Serving Center and TXU Energy honored Guiling, now an agency volunteer, on Wednesday for his service to Central Texas families.

“We have always known what a great contributor John is to our community and our organization,” said Lori Scott, executive director of Round Rock Area Serving Center. “We also have known for 27 years the value of our relationship with TXU Energy.

“What we didn’t know until recently is that John has been tracking TXU Energy contributions to the Serving Center. When he told us that we have now received more than $1 million through TXU Energy Aid, we knew we had to recognize his efforts that got the relationship started.”

TXU Energy AidSM is the largest bill-payment assistance program among U.S. electricity providers. Since 1983, it has delivered $84 million to help more than 455,000 customers pay their bills. Since 2008, the company has invested $37.5 million in the program, including $5 million this year.

“We are able to help so many customers because of the generosity of our company, our employees, customers and other donors,” said Kim Campbell, senior manager for customer advocacy at TXU Energy. “We couldn’t do it without people like John and organizations like the Round Rock Area Serving Center. They have the expertise to put the dollars we donate and collect to the best use for our customers in need.”

TXU Energy matches every donation to TXU Energy Aid $5 to $1 and all contributions from employees, customers and other donors go back to the communities from which they originate.

TXU Energy encourages all consumers who cannot pay their electricity bills on time to contact their electricity provider before the bill is due. That can help prevent disconnection fees and late payments. Low-income consumers, seniors and families in financial crisis also should dial 2-1-1 to connect with a social service agency, like the Serving Center, that can provide a wide range of help.

“One of the great things about working with more than 80 social service agencies across the state is that they can help our customers pay their electricity bills and then identify other services to help those families get back on their feet,” Campbell said.

Each agency uses its own formulas and standards to qualify consumers for assistance and many agencies have access to additional programs, such as dollars from the federal government.

“Many people don’t realize the strong leadership role TXU Energy plays in advocating for low-income families and having a program like TXU Energy Aid to help families that are in crisis situations,” Guiling said. “I am honored to be recognized by the Serving Center and TXU Energy and I am proud of the work we do to help our neighbors.”

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