TXU Energy Launches First Time-Based Plans for Texas’ Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

TXU Energy Business Power Hours offering savings based on when businesses use electricity


TXU Energy is the only retail electricity provider offering time-based savings opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in Texas.

“This is a tremendous innovation that harnesses the power of advanced meter data and provides unique savings opportunities for customers,” said Gabe Castro, vice president of business markets for TXU Energy. “We are enormously proud to offer even more choice, convenience and control to our business customers.”

With TXU Energy Business Power Hours AMSM and TXU Energy Business Power Hours PMSM, business owners can choose when to take advantage of half-off energy charges based on their electricity usage. No other retail electricity provider in Texas offers a choice of savings based on how commercial customers operate their businesses.

“Whether it’s a breakfast and lunch hotspot, a small machine shop or a hopping night club, every business has its own power hours,” Castro said. “We’re offering these valuable choices to our small and medium-sized commercial customers to help them control their costs and grow their businesses. Combined with our free and low-cost energy savings solutions, business owners and operators have tremendous opportunities to save.”

Business customers who choose TXU Energy Business Power Hours AM get half off their energy charges for eight full hours, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., every day. TXU Energy Business Power Hours PM offers half-off energy charges for eight full hours, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Both plans provide a price-protected rate.

The TXU Energy Business Power Hours plans are the latest in the suite of TXU Energy Right Time PricingSM solutions. Right Time Pricing helps residential and business customers easily understand that they can increase their savings by shifting electricity consumption into discounted and free usage periods. TXU Energy in May introduced TXU Energy Free Nights and TXU Energy Free Weekends for residential customers.

“Our Right Time Pricing plans are designed to give residential and business customers the opportunity to save money based on how they already use electricity and to encourage them to shift electricity use into discounted and free periods,” Castro said. “Helping consumers make informed choices allows them to save more and to help reduce strain on the state’s power system during peak demand periods. That’s good for everyone.”

About TXU Energy
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