Remote Solar from TXU Energy

Solar never looked so bright.

Long-term price certainty and sustainability have never been more affordable – or easy.

Environmental responsibility is not just good PR, it's good business. But tapping in to what makes sense for your business can be a daunting task.

From a custom onsite model to our remote solar offer, TXU Energy can help you understand the benefits and economics of each and tailor a solution that best meets your environmental and financial objectives.

Remote Solar from TXU Energy offers renewable energy from our solar farm with the security of a fixed energy price and without a large infrastructure investment. With Remote Solar from TXU Energy, you can:

  • Get a long-term, all-in retail fixed energy price, worry-free from market swings1
  • Get credit from a remote solar system at all your locations
  • Reshape our energy future by adding to the renewable mix in Texas

Our customized onsite solutions are a visible reminder to the community, your customers and employees of your commitment to sustainability.  Onsite solar also enables you to:

  • Hedge a portion of your load at a stable rate for 20+ years
  • Take advantage of tax incentives and lower solar installation costs 
  • Add to the renewable mix in Texas and meet your environmental goals
  Texas electricity provider
  Texas electricity provider

Let's partner on a solar solution to power your goals.
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Solar Energy Output Quantified

Have you ever wondered how much energy Texas solar panels create? We’ve created the handy chart below that not only displays how much power is produced but translates the reduced emissions into metrics we understand like how many cars that energy would replace.2

Solar Energy generated:

14,090 MWhs to date
8 MWhs over last 24 hours

That's like:

2,045 Cars taken off the road
249,111 Trees planted
6,964,380 Pounds of waste recycled

Output Last Week - By Hour

Last Updated on 03/25/2017 08:34:39

1Exclusive of local transmission and distribution utility charges.
2Source: Pollution impact calculation from Green impact equivalencies based on solar energy generated to date, which reflects output since mid-November 2015. Last week’s output is a snapshot of the prior week’s total output, refreshed each weekend. Solar energy generated over the last 24 hours is refreshed hourly and updated as of the timestamp indicated below the chart.