How it works

Okay, it’s this simple. Sign in to your TXU Energy MyAccount. There you’ll see the easy steps to refer your friend. If your friend accepts your request and becomes a TXU Energy customer, you can both get a $50 prepaid card.*

Refer as many people as you want, and receive even more rewards. We call that “unlimited rewards,” and that could quickly add up to hundreds of dollars.


$50 for every referral:
Every time a friend switches to TXU Energy, you can both earn rewards.


Unlimited Rewards:
The more friends you refer, the more rewards you'll get.

Get Started Now. Sign in to your TXU Energy MyAccount, click on the Refer-a-Friend link and start referring your friends today. It’s so easy!

*To be a qualified referral, your friend cannot already be a current or pending TXU Energy customer or have been a TXU Energy customer within the 90 days preceding the date of enrollment. Referred friend must enroll online through a designated program link and remain a TXU Energy customer for 90 days to be a qualified referral. To earn more than $599 per calendar year, submission of W-9 form required. See terms and conditions for full details.