To determine your current month average price per kWh, you will need your Electricity Facts Label (EFL) that provides the applicable pricing components for the TXU Energy plan you have selected, and an estimate of your current month's kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage (and demand (kW) for your business, if applicable). You may go to MyAccount to find a copy of the EFL you enrolled on.

If you are on a plan where the TDU charges are billed separately, you may go to for residential TDU charges or for commercial TDU charges for an updated list of all TDU charges for the electric utility that maintains the wires in your area.


Click here to watch a short video about what TDU delivery charges are and how they affect your electricity bill.

For an example of how to determine your current month's average price per kWh, see below. If you have additional questions, please contact us through your MyAccount or call 1-800-242-9113.  


Current Month Estimated Usage: 1,650 kWh

Base Charge


Energy Charge All kWh 1,650 kWh @ $.100 =


Total TXU Energy Charges:


Total TDU Delivery Charges - Residential


Per Month Charges:


Per kWh Charges: All kWh 1,650 kWh @ $0.026264 =


Total TDU Delivery Charges    


Total Current Charges:


 Average Price Calculation:

Average Price Per kWh:  $219.53/1,650 kWh = $.133/kWh