Check your Reliant Energy bill closely so you don't get caught by surprise on one of their variable rate plans. Protect yourself today and switch to TXU Energy.

Reliant Energy is one of many electricity providers in Texas that offer unpredictable variable rate plans. If you don't pay close attention to your bill every month, you may be in for a big shock from an unexpected rate hike. Don't forget to read the fine print regarding your plan.


What their variable rate plan says:

"Except for price changes allowed by law or regulatory action, this price is the price that will be applied during your first billing cycle; this price may change in subsequent months at the sole discretion of Reliant. The price in effect on the day following the previous meter read date will be applied for subsequent billing cycles."

Reliant Clear Flex Plan*


What it means for you:

After your first bill, your provider can change your rate by any amount, for any reason, at any time and without advance notice to you. So, you may not know the rate you're paying for electricity until after you've used it and get your bill – unless you constantly check to see if it's changed.

Their variable plans include*:


  • Reliant Clear Flex Plan
  • Reliant SmartStart Plan

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 Price protection

Our plans:

Don’t worry, we don’t have any variable rate plans. But we do have plans with guaranteed price protection, renewable energy and cash back loyalty rewards. Our plans have straightforward pricing with transparent terms that you can understand, because we believe that a well-informed customer is a customer for life.


Our straightforward terms mean:

You get to choose a plan that’s right for you. And you don’t have to worry about your electricity rate every month.

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* Based on plans offered on provider's website and/or as of March 2015.