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While the thrills and spills of roller coasters may be quite the draw at Texas amusement parks, no one wants to be taken for a wild ride when it comes to their electricity bill. That’s why at TXU Energy, we don’t offer unpredictable variable rate plans to our valued customers. Instead, we focus on straightforward pricing and offering a choice of plans, including the option to choose fixed electricity rates. Why?

“Introductory” or “variable” rate plans may look like a great deal at first, since they may appear to be dirt cheap. But you may be in for a huge shock when you start getting the bills. In fact, TXU Energy has tracked variable rate electricity plans that end up costing much more than the low introductory rates many competitors use to lure customers. Some customer’s bills are dramatically increasing — and they may not even realize it. If you’re with another provider, you should look closely at the rate on your bill.

TXU Energy is the only major retail electricity provider in Texas that doesn’t have variable rate electricity plans. Avoid the introductory rate tactics of some of our competitors, and get a guaranteed fixed electricity rate – which could save you a lot of money in the long haul.

With a TXU Energy plan that includes fixed electricity rates, you’ll never have to worry about keeping an eagle eye on your rate. If you’re on a variable rate electricity plan, be sure to look carefully at your bills and check your rates every month to catch any surprise rate hikes from your provider.

At TXU Energy, we also offer plenty of easy-to-use products and tools to help you track and control energy usage, including the TXU iThermostatSM, TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSMTXU Personal Energy Advisor, Energy Thieves Calculator and more.

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