From our rock-solid roots in the 19th century to the leadership position we hold today, TXU Energy has a long legacy of commitment to our customers, and a hard-earned track record of efficiency, reliability, and safety.


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1882       The new Dallas Electric Lighting Company, an indirect TXU Energy predecessor, begins providing electric light services to Dallas.

1885   The Fort Worth Electric Light and Power Company, another indirect TXU Energy predecessor, brings electric lighting to Fort Worth.

1912   The Texas Power & Light Company (TP&L), TXU Energy's direct forerunner, consolidates 13 electric companies under GE's Electric Bond & Share (EB&S) Company.

1917   EB&S forms Dallas Power & Light (DP&L) to power the Dallas area.

1929   EB&S forms Texas Electric Service Company (TESCO) to serve Ft. Worth and the areas west of Abilene.

1945   Texas Utilities Company formed Sept. 4, 1945, formalizing the historic and traditional bonds connecting TP&L, DP&L and TESCO in a new holding company for the three utilities.

1975   Texas Public Regulatory Act passed, creating the Public Utility Commission of Texas, bringing rates and service under state regulation.

1976   Texas Utilities Company begins A-OK Program, first cash-incentive program in the nation to encourage energy efficiency.

1983   Texas Utilities Company begins Energy Aid program for those needing assistance paying energy bills.

1984   DP&L, TESCO, and TP&L merge as divisions of a new principal subsidiary, Texas Utilities Electric Company.

1993   Southwestern Electric Service Company (SESCO), electric distribution company in East Texas, acquired.

1995   TU Electric acquires Eastern Energy Ltd. (TXU Australia).

1996   Acquisition of ENSERCH Corp., a natural gas transmission and distribution company, completed.

1998   The Energy Group acquired as the UK begins privatizing its electric and natural gas utilities; it becomes TXU Europe.

1999   TXU becomes the new name and brand identity for the enterprise, positioning it as a multinational energy company. 

2000   TXU Corp. structurally separates the energy delivery and competitive energy businesses.

2001   TXU Corp. completes its transition to competitive electricity markets on three continents.

2002   TXU Europe operations discontinued as TXU Corp. begins its survival plan to strengthen balance sheet.

January 1, 2002 Deregulated electricity market opens in Texas. TXU Energy begins offering service as a certificated retail electric provider.

2004   All foreign and non-electric businesses divested.  Community investments enhanced, with four-fold, $15 million increase in TXU Energy AidSM.

2007   TXU Corp. enters a new era as Energy Future Holdings Corp. (EFH) with completion of the private-equity acquisition led by KKR, TPG, and Goldman Sachs. TXU Energy is the Retail Electric Provider (REP), Oncor is the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU), and Luminant is the wholesale electricity generation provider.

2008 TXU Energy introduces the first BrightenSM iThermostat, which give customers control over heating and air conditioning settings in their home through any Internet connected device.

2009 Company unveils its Energy Thieves Calculator that helps customers identify room-by-room how much money specific electric devices are costing, even with the power turned off. This knowledge helps consumers change habits and save money.

2010 Company launches interactive web-based suite of tools to help customers reduce electricity bills through better understanding and control of their electricity usage.

2011 To bring real-world benefits of smart meter technology to customers, company launches TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM. The dashboard shows electricity usage at home, outdoor temperatures, and trends with usage and billing over time. Separately, the company launched a mobile website and an iPhone app—both firsts in the Texas retail electricity market—to give customers on-the-go control of their electricity accounts.

2012 Through its Committed to Community Growth program, the company won the national Excellence in Partnership Award from the Arbor Day Foundation as we also celebrated 10 years of partnership with Texas Trees Foundation. Company introduces the game-changing TXU Energy Free Nights® plans offering customers a great chance to save by shifting usage activities.

2013 Company completes its acquisition of Mega Energy’s Texas-based customer portfolio, delivering product and service options to approximately 10,000 residential and business customers. The company celebrates the 30th anniversary of TXU Energy AidSM. Since its inception, more than 435,000 valued customers have received more than $78 million in bill payment assistance.

2014 To provide a faster and easier self-service solution, the company rolled out its latest 24/7 virtual assistant, Ivy, an interactive voice response (IVR) tool. Company expands home warranty offers that provide repairs or replacement for home appliances, water heaters, plumbing systems and electronics. To provide customers with a robust line of savings and solutions products and tools, company introduces TXU Solutions.