Energy Aid

It’s hard for many of us to imagine ourselves in real financial straits, but an unexpected loss of work, car wrecks and emergency medical bills can take any of us from financial comfort to the brink of ruin.

At TXU Energy, we know financial crisis isn’t limited to chronically low-income Texans. That’s why we continue to invest in our more than 30-year-old TXU Energy AidSM program. From the outset, TXU Energy, its people and customers have been dedicated to helping fellow Texans. In the past decade alone, TXU Energy has committed $50 million to the bill-payment assistance program. In addition to the company’s commitment, the company’s people, customers and other donors have given almost $6 million since 2008.

Contributions to the program help TXU Energy customers in the communities from which the contributions originated and 100 percent of the money goes directly to bill-payment assistance.

Through 2014, TXU Energy Aid has provided nearly $90 million in bill-payment assistance to more than 478,000 valued customers. TXU Energy Aid, however, is not limited to electricity bill-payment assistance.

Through the program, TXU Energy makes easy-to-use information available to help customers understand what drives their electricity consumption and empowers them to be more efficient so they can reduce how much they use and how much they spend on electricity. Combined with the resources of more than 80 social service agencies that administer the program, the financial and educational assistance become part of the pathway for those Texans to return to self-sufficiency.

TXU Energy strongly encourages customers who cannot pay their full invoice by the due date to contact the company by email, phone or online chat. To access the TXU Energy Aid program, customers can call 2-1-1 to be connected with the social service agency that helps administer the program in their area.

Customers who are military veterans certified by a medical doctor as having significantly decreased ability to regulate their body temperature because of severe burns received in combat also are eligible for bill-payment assistance through TXU Energy Aid. To receive more information, call TXU Energy at 1-800-242-9113 or send an email to and include “veterans program” in the subject line.
TXU Energy is honored by the trust that millions of Texans have put into the company to provide one of the most important services in their lives. As the company continues to do its part for fellow Texans, it invites customers and other community members to help by checking the contribution box on the front of their TXU Energy invoices or by emailing Emails should include your name, address, daytime phone number, TXU Energy electricity account number and the amount of a one-time or recurring monthly contribution.